Filing for NJ CAT Reassessment

The NJ CAT is an assessment tool that, in this fee-for-service world, establishes the budgetary amount your loved one is entitled to. Individuals will be reassessed through completion of a new NJ CAT every five years. Reassessments requested before that will be conducted only when there is sufficient evidence of a change in an individual's self-care, behavioral or medical needs, or evidence that the initial assessment was conducted improperly. A request for reassessment will only be considered for individuals who have an assigned Support Coordinator, a completed Person-Centered Planning Tool (PCPT) and Individualized Service Plan (ISP).


The original premise of this assessment was that it should be filled out either by the individual, a close family member, or someone from the agency that has close personal knowledge of your loved one. For many individuals, their loved ones NJ CAT might have been filled out by someone who barely knew their loved one thus providing an opportunity for it to be filled out incorrectly, as was the case for many individuals I knew. If this has happened, or circumstances have changed in your loved one’s life, PLEASE know that you can file for a reassessment.  Follow the instructions below on how to download the form and submit the request.

NJCAT Reassessment Process

An individual may experience changes in their self-care, behavior, or medical needs that result in the need for a NJ CAT reassessment. The process for submitting a request to be reassessed is as follows:


  • The individual requests a copy of the most recently completed NJ CAT from his/her Support Coordinator

  • The individual reviews the NJ CAT and notes any changes directly on the assessment

  • The individual completes the “Request for Reassessment Form” found on the Division’s website or downloaded. 

  • The individual submits the completed “Request for Reassessment Form,” NJ CAT changes, and any supporting documents to the assessment request email address at or mail the documents to the following address:


Department of Human Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities
P.O. Box 726

Trenton, NJ 08625-0726

Attention: NJ CAT Reassessment Unit

  • The Division designee assigned to the mailbox will gather information about the change(s) that has led to the request and reach out to the designated “informant” within 3 business days from the initial contact.

  • The Division designee will submit the gathered information to the Division’s Intake Director or designee for review to determine if a reassessment will be conducted.

  • The Division designee assigned to the mailbox will be notified whether the request for reassessment has been approved or denied and will inform the individual of the decision within 3 weeks of Director or designee review.

  • If the reassessment request is approved, details to conduct the reassessment will be provided to the informant.

  • If the reassessment request is denied, the requester will be informed that a reassessment is not warranted at this time via confidential email or written correspondence.