A Family Story Project: Shining a Light on Reality

Families sharing their experiences with finding appropriate and adequate supports for adults with severe developmental disabilities

You Have a Powerful Story That Needs to Be Told

We are compiling a library of stories about NJ individuals with severe developmental disabilities and their families that will relate the compelling experiences of finding, or not finding, adequate supports for a loved one living an adult life with severe challenges.  We will be "shining a light" on the reality of many families -- a reality of which many of our legislators, our policymakers, and our neighbors are unaware.  Stories will be posted on our Facebook page and become part of a library of stories on our website. 

In order to make it easier for you to tell your story......

We've created outlines that offer prompts about important things to include in your story.  They can be filled in with your details or you can use them to assist you in writing your own story.  If you'd like to complete the story yourself, please do!  If you don't have time to worry about composition and grammar, answer the questions in the outline that apply to your story (Note: not all questions may be useful to you or relevant to your family) and simply email it back to NJPDDA.  We'll organize your story for you.  When it's complete, the story will be returned to you for correction and approval before it is posted online or on our website.

There are three outlines available:

       1.  For individuals living in their family home and using provider and/or self-directed supports

       2. For individuals receiving provider-based residential supports

       3. For individuals who are self-directing in their own or shared homes

If You Don't Tell Your Story, Who Will?

The more stories we gather, the greater the impact they will have.  Please take the time to participate in this important project to build a library of stories that bear witness to the reality of loving and supporting someone with severe developmental disabilities. 

Please private message NPDDA to request outline 1, 2, or 3 and provide your email address so it can be sent to you. Or just send your story to NJPDDA@gmail.com.  Please share information about this project and encourage families that you know to participate.  

The more stories we collect, the more powerful the results!