ALFA - 5 Star

Location: Newfoundland, NJ

Care Needed: Wheelchair accessible, Limited mobility accessible, (e.g. walker), Behavioral interventions (e.g. communication assistance), Feeding assistance/medical (e.g. feeding tube, colonoscopy bag)

Length of Care: 5+ years


Alfa Development is truly a wonderful and supporting organization. Alfa Development is a non-profit organization and my brother Michael has been a client of Alfa Development since 2001. Mike enjoys a home life much like anyone else and his group home is situated in a beautiful residential neighborhood with access to a variety of community amenities. Mike has a great social life and has a very busy schedule. His favorite activities are trips to the park, swimming three times a week in Sussex County, as well as countless visits to local stores (just to name a few). My brother also benefits from all of Alfa Developments’ programs and services. I love the support they provide and I feel as though they are my second family. Alfa Development truly cares about enabling individuals like Mike who have developmental and/or physical disabilities to have the opportunity to attain their highest level of skills, purpose, and independence with dignity through an ongoing commitment to comprehensive quality services, advocacy and family partnership.

Reviewer: Lisa

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