Alfa Development- Five Stars


West Milford, NJ

Services Needed:


Medical Needs,


Life Skills Training


Length of time:

One year-five years

Alfa is the best! They take wonderful care of my daughter and the staff is really caring. In addition they're big on taking the clients out into the community( which many agencies do not) They take my daughter swimming, dancing, horseback riding, gymnastics, many community outings and so much more. They are also great on communication. They let me know whenever there's a doctor's appointment( and the results) If you're lucky to get your child placed with Alfa, you will love it.


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The staff at ALFA does a superb job in taking care of my son. They consistently anticipate his needs. They are very attentive and act immed

Alfa Development is truly a wonderful and supporting organization. Alfa Development is a non-profit organization and my brother Michael has