ALFA - star not provided, positive

Location: Newfoundland, NJ

Care Needed: Behavioral interventions (e.g. communication assistance)

Length of Care: 1 year - 5 years


The day program and residential placement is run by caring, bright people who know how to train the support staff, know how to recognize & work with the needs of serious behavioral issues, along with making each individual feel special & in control of themselves. My son does best out in the community and both placements have many diverse activities to keep him stimulated and comfortable in the community, not an easy task. The day program can take individuals to swim, to the farm to work/walk with horses, dance classes, sports fitness classes, along with taking walks in nice weather. The residential side complements the programming with community outings to restaurants, special weekend activities, multiple parks, along with in house movie nights and game nights. My son has never been so calm, happy and relaxed, even with all of the activities he is a part of daily. His behaviors have decreased, his sleeping patterns are stronger, and his aversion to new foods is decreasing. My son is bi-polar, autistic with a limited vocabulary plus 7-8 other diagnoses, (which includes meds 3 times daily) and he has never been so happy and in control of himself. All of the staff, from the bottom to the top, have shown themselves to be very caring, professional and knowledgeable. We are lucky to have them in my son's life.

Reviewer: Peg

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