ARC of OCEAN County - 5 Stars

Location: Brick, NJ

Care Needed: Behavioral interventions (e.g. communication assistance), feeding assistance/medical (e.g. feeding tube, colonoscopy bag), and 24/7; All aspects of daily living help required

Length of Care: 5+ years


This particular location is exceptional. Staff are very engaging and enthusiastic. Although there has been staff turnover - which seems to be the norm in most places especially considering the number of open vacancies in the home health care industry - a LOT of attention is given in providing thorough training to the hires. I pick up my daughter several times a month to have her visit us in our home and she is excited each time I return her. The Group Home Manager and Assisted Manager are receptive to our suggestions and responsive to any inquiries that we make. LOVE this place!!!

Reviewer: Marianne

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