Capital Care - 1 Star

Location: Stanhope, NJ

Care Needed: Behavioral interventions (e.g. communication assistance), Other: Medical, mental health, vocational, behavior plan, guidance, uplifting environment, activities

Length of Care: 1 year - 5 years


They were a nightmare. Our daughter was in one of their group homes and attended their Day Program in Stanhope. They tried to destroy our family relationship through mind manipulation and trying to get us removed as guardians. They brought our daughter to our home to swear at us over money, to tell her to tell us off and to peek through our windows to count the pictures of other children on our walls. Their staff were untrained, they did not follow up with medical appointments, they allowed sex to occur between clients and facilitated unprotected sex by delivering our daughter to male group homes. Our daughter became a shell of her former self. She became violent and aggressive. They allowed her to walk down State Highway Route 206 at 7:30 in the morning alone. Her life could have been lost if a friend had not noticed her and took her back to the group home. They would not allow clients to call 911 if they were hurt in the group home. Our daughter ended up in two different psychiatric hospitals before being sent to the infamous Bell Wether group home system and day program.

Parents beware. DDD knows all about what is happening in these group homes. They cover it up. They tell parents that their loved one has " rights " to refuse their medications, to steal, sign up for fake credit cards, to shave their head from waist length hair, it is their right to engage in unsafe sex that exposes them to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and physical injury.

Do not send your loved one to this agency or group home. DDD personnel will back up the group homes against the welfare of your adult child. BEWARE.

DDD does not, in my experienced opinion, have the best interest of the developmentally disabled or mental health disabled population at heart.

Reviewer: Jennifer

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