Community Options - 1 Star

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Care Needed: Limited mobility accessible, (e.g. walker), Behavioral interventions (e.g. communication assistance), Feeding assistance/medical (e.g. feeding tube, colonoscopy bag), seizure management, restricted diet, multiple monthly medical appointments

Length of Care: 1 year - 5 years


Extremely high turnover of DSPs (over 70 in 22 months), inadequately trained staff that were minimally supervised, often having no supervision, especially on weekends (7 house managers & 3 executive directors in 22 months), home often out of compliance with state regs due to regular staff shortages , incapable of administering medication correctly or maintaining a restricted diet, state inspection records filled with serious substantiated allegations, including but not limited to missing meds, incorrect administration of meds including control substances, falsified mars, medical appointments missed, staff, unable to test fire alarm during inspections due to lack of knowledge by staff and management, incapable of providing meaningful activities for clients or regular community outings. Incapable of creating emergency contact info including correct phone numbers of clients' physicians and family members, lost of clients records including birth certificates and social security cards, unable to store medical/,personal records in secured locations ( often stored in staffs cars during annual inspections or garage of group home). My daughter experienced numerous trips to the hospital, including 2 admissions into the ICU both incidents due to to choking incidents at the group home & both times staff were completely unaware of her need for medical help, she received it due to my intervention and my ability to be at the group home everyday, which was completely necessary. It was remarkable what I eye witnessed in this group home and reported to the state.

Reviewer: Kari

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