Community Options- one star

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Care Needed:

Limited mobility issues

Behavioral Interventions

Length of Care:

Less then six months

The home itself was nice and my son had the master bedroom with his own bathroom. However he was placed there with four adults males from State Facilities, who were non verbal and autistic. My son is Downs Syndrome and verbal. He never met them prior to moving into the home. Everything was done wrong with this agency. They actually had my son eat alone as there was no social peer interactions for him other then the staff. The manager cursed all the time, and some of the DSP's did not even speak English. I called there every day and they never answered the phone so I purchased a cell phone for my son and blocked all calls except for family. My son began to call 911 when he became frustrated and then staff would call me. At one point, they called me and said if I didn't come to get him they would place him in emergency placement. After three months of this horrible situation our therapist suggested pulling him out of this house because my son had started to self abuse due to his frustrations. When we went to get my son and his belongings, I noticed that things had been stolen from him including medication!. I called Robert Stack the owner of this agency, and he only offered to replace things. The whole reason for a placement was for my son to have social interactions with his peers, and that never happened. My son came home cursing all the time, so it took me a year to deprogram him from exposure to this manager. This all took place in 2013 and my son has been home since then. My feelings towards group home is very negative due to all of this. I honestly can not say that there is one agency that I would feel comfortable with the care of my son.

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